The FlowJo plugin framework uses XML elements as the input arguments and return types of many of its methods. The signature of these methods uses SElement, a concrete implementation of org.w3c.dom.Element that also includes a number of methods to make programming easier.

There are numerous methods implemented by class SElement; the most useful are presented below:


SElement(String elementName)

Mutators for a String attribute

String getString(String attributeName)

setString(String attributeName, String attributeValue)

Mutators for a int attribute

int getInt(String attributeName) 

setInt(String attributeName, int intValue)

Mutators for a double attribute

double getDouble(String attributeName)

setDouble(String attributeName, double doubleValue)

Mutators for a float attribute

float getFloat(String attributeName)

setFloat(String attributeName, float floatValue)

Mutators for a boolean attribute

boolean getBool(String attributeName)

setBool(String attributeName, boolean boolValue)

Mutators for a child attribute

SElement getChild(String childName)

List<SElement> getChildren(String childName)

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