Types of Plugins

FlowJo provides different types of plugins to support two levels of use cases: one for analyzing individual populations, and another for access to the entire FlowJo analysis results. The two types of FlowJo plugins differ by the inputs to your code and when your code is invoked. One type of plugin, called a Population plugin, is called with the parameter data for a population as input, and your code is invoked when the plugin is created or the population’s events are changed. Another type of plugin, called a Workspace plugin, is called with the entire FlowJo workspace analysis as input, and is invoked when the workspace is opened or saved. In both cases, the plugin framework uses XML as the format for input arguments, as defined by org.w3c.dom.Element. FlowJo has implemented the Element interface with class com.treestar.lib.xml.SElement which provides a number of additional convenience methods to make programming easier.

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